NEWS: VR for Architects Course now approved for 6 AIA Learning Units!

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VR for Architects:

You now have the POWER to bring your clients inside the world of your imagination.

Transform your 3D or BIM Model to Virtual Reality and make your client's jaws drop!

Learn how to leverage your BIM model (ARCHICAD or Revit) with Twinmotion & Virtual Reality to take your meetings and proposals to the next level. 

Win more projects, stand out from the crowd!

Stone Cottage - 2e Architects - Twinmotion Visualization

Waterfall House - 2e Architects - Twinmotion Visualization

What VR can do for you:

  • It will attract clients that are PASSIONATE about design.
  • It can transform clients that focus on the budget into clients that are passionate about design.
  • It will give you a distinct competitive advantage.
  • It will allow you to RAISE your fees without doing a lot more work.

The Pinnacle of Cave Painting Technology: A Roll of Drawings

We've gone from painting on cave walls to pencil, ink, CAD and BIM.

ALL of those technologies are essentially the same. Flat drawings on flat surfaces.

Let's easily agree that our drawings are more colorful and more precise.

We expect our clients to use their imaginations to visualize the buildings from flat drawings on the pages (or computer monitors) into fully three-dimensional buildings in their minds. A very tall ask indeed. 

These homes could cost $100,000, a million, 5 million or more. Any way you slice it, the homes are expensive. And we still ask our clients to make a thousand decisions relying on, in part, their untrained and incomplete imaginations and our word that the building will work for them and be beautiful.

And, yes those drawings. To be fair, we usually have a lot of drawings to show our clients.

Are Drawings the Answer or the Problem, or Both?

Drawings create confusion - and remember our clients are really smart people.
It’s either we didn’t listen very well and therefore didn’t give them the design they needed or it’s a Lost In Translation kind of thing.

The direct result of that confusion from the drawings is indecisiveness. They don’t know what to do so the clients CHANGE the design.
It makes them feel more in control.

The problem is that SOME of those changes are NOT in their own best interest.
SOME of those changes actually diminish the design.
All of the changes cause delays.

Virtual Reality is the Only Real Solution

With VR, architect and client fully understand the SAME thing.

Clients see exactly what we see in our imaginations.

Clients become decisive. They KNOW they are making the right decisions.

See the Back Story - Peter Twohy Interview on ARCHICAD USER

Peter Twohy and Chris Dvorak share how they set up their projects to get drawings and stunning visualization in a seamless, highly efficient process.

In depth exploration of 3 different projects, showing their overall methods along with tips for rapid development of a detailed model.

Lots of audience Q&A makes this presentation especially interesting.

Peter and Eric discuss the upcoming VR for Architects training course towards the end, at the 1 hour 45 minute mark.

VR for ARCHITECTS Webinar Recording

VR for Architects webinar - Learn How to Make Your Clients' Jaws Drop - 2 hours
NOTE: The main presentation is about 50 minutes - there were lots of questions!

VR for Architects Training Course

Learn how to go from a 'nice' 3D or BIM model (ARCHICAD or Revit) to STUNNING Twinmotion visualization with surprising ease and efficiency.

With some additional investment, you can take it all the way. Virtual Reality goggles are the ultimate architect sales tool. 

AIA Course Title:

Virtual Reality for Architects - How to Help Your Clients Truly Understand the Design of Their Project

Course Number: AMI-VR-002
6 Learning Units

Architect Marketing Institute is registered as AIA Continuing Education Provider #40119272.


BONUS: 3 months VR Coaching Membership

Monthly calls to answer your questions!


Get your entire team set up for VR!
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Sessions were broadcast in May and June 2020. Recordings are posted in the member area for download or viewing on demand.

Class 1

Explore 3D Model File (as set up for Twinmotion)

Study Twinmotion File and Environment

Erase Twinmotion File & Start All Over

Explain and Demonstrate the Step By Step Process

Class 2

Continue The Step By Step Process

Show How To Add The Emotional Element

Class 3

Complete The Step By Step Process In Twinmotion

Really, In Just 3 Hours?!?!?

Move From Twinmotion To Virtual Reality

Class 4

Overall Review and Q&A

Clinic: Exploration and commentary on member example projects

Our awesome team

Peter Twohy is the founder and principal of 2e Architects. Peter has been an ARCHICAD user for around 25 years. He discovered VR by accident a couple of years ago, and now can't even imagine working with clients without this option.

Peter Twohy

Architect, VR Expert, Instructor

Chris Dvorak models most/all of the homes that 2e Architects has designed in the past 6 years. He is an expert in ARCHICAD. Chris is the reason that we can seamlessly move our projects into Twinmotion and ultimately into VR.

Chris Dvorak

Architect, ARCHICAD Expert

A former Graphisoft Platinum Reseller, Eric is an internationally recognized educator with over 30 years experience helping ARCHICAD users get the most out of the software. His ARCHICAD Tutorials YouTube channel has 30,000 subscribers & 4.1 million views. He is also co-founder of the Architect Marketing Institute.

Eric Bobrow

ARCHICAD Guru, Producer

Richard Petrie is co-founder of the Architect Marketing Institute, and is widely regarded as the world's leading architect marketing coach. His insights transform firms from 'commodities' to highly respected specialists that attract quality clients and command high fees.

Richard Petrie

Architect Marketing Advisor

"I began working with Peter on developing my skills in TwinMotion with very little knowledge of the program and ended up, after only a few sessions, feeling like I could give lessons myself.

I have gotten my money's worth and then some.

This is a highly recommended course for designers of any skill level."

Andrea Giglio

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