Welcome to the VR for Architects Course!

Live training webinars were presented in May and June 2020. Lesson recordings are posted under the Lessons heading of the navigation menu.

Continuing Education Credit

After attending and/or watching the lessons, you may earn Continuing Education credit by taking a Quiz. If you're an AIA member, we'll file this directly with AIA for 6 LU. We'll also send you a certificate for your records which you may be able to use with other licensing authorities.

NEW: Coaching Program

Want to get help from Peter, Chris and Eric as you implement these methods, optimizing your models inside Twinmotion and venturing out into VR?

Click HERE for more info about the VR for Architects Coaching Program  - 12 monthly webinars for only $197.

Downloads and Reference Materials

You'll find the Waterfall Home model file in various formats on the Downloadable Resources page.

Additional resources and reference materials will be added as we move through the course.

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Questions? Need Support?

If you have any questions or a problem, don't hesitate to reach out to us via email to info@vrforarchitects.com or in Slack.

 - Eric Bobrow (webmaster and producer), Peter Twohy and Chris Dvorak