Recorded May 11, 2020

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VR Class 1 Guide

VR Class 1 Guide - this is a PDF version of the Keynote file that Peter used during the presentation. It includes screenshots of interface elements within ARCHICAD and Twinmotion for easy reference. Click image above (or bold heading of this paragraph) to view in a new tab in your browser, or download and print if you wish (81 pages).

Supplemental Explainer Videos

The following videos clarify, expand or correct some of the points made during the main lesson video.

Adding Image to TV Screen

Add an image to a TV screen object using the same approach as for materials, fabrics and textures, with the eye dropper, a new "material" then the More button at the lower right of the Color palette.

Turning on Autosave

Turn on Autosave so you don't lose much work or time if Twinmotion crashes.